We will be hosting our 2nd Annual Open Kenpo Karate Tournament.

This event will be on: Saturday 14th July 2018 at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, located at Manoa District Park.

Pre Sale for the first event will be 15.00,  10.00  per event thereafter.
Please register by June 15, 2018 to get your special rates for events.  Or contact me at sifubob@yahoo.com to get your applications or call me at 808-721-7033 for further information.

Registration at the door is 25.00 per event at the door. 

Events will be as follows:
Kenpo Kata
Open Kata
Weapons Kata
Self Defense

This event is an all day program for the keiki and adults to participate in.  So come in to participate, bring your students, family, support your students or just come to watch this event.

Breakfast / lunch bentos, musubis, drinks and snacks will be supplied by and provided by KAHIKUONALANI CHURCH.  All proceeds from this concession will go directly to KAHIKUONALANI CHURCH.

Hope to see you there to participate or support the participants of this event


Bobby Maesaka
Founder / Soke / Grand Master
San Sei Bu Self Defense Systems

44-235 Mikiola Drive