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Mission Statement and Training


San Sei Bu Self  Defense Systems' mission statement is to teach all communities youths and adults to gain Humlity, Integrity, Courtesy, Self Control, Respect one's self, respect others and their property.  To promote Physical and Mental strengthening and last but not least a rigorous self defense training program.

San Sei Bu Self Defense Systems is dedicated to serve our community at large.  We offer programs for all ages.  We especially want to empower, encourage and support our youths by giving alternative classes, activities, and events by offering them a program that will take them off the streets to provide them a different life style other than belonging to gangs, doing drugs, stealing, and keeping them out of getting to a life of crime.to all the youths and adults of the communities an activity to take them off the streets to teach them a different lifestyle other than belonging to gangs, doing drugs, stealing from others and keeping them out of engaging into a life of crime.

This activity includes learning my basics of KENPO, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Pressure Point Control Tactics, Single Attacker Defense, Multi Attacker Defenses, Grab Attack, Weapon Attack, Multi Weapon Attack and much more.

All participants will learn the basics blocks, strikes, kicks, angles of offense and defense.

Forms or Katas is the foundation of any self defense, Empty Hand Kata (forms), Weapon Kata (forms) teaches one how to block, strike, kick, perform defenses, balance, perform tactical breathing, clearer thinking, develop your mind and body to work as one and much more.

There are tournaments that we also enter which consist of Empty Hand Kata, Weapon Kata, Kumite, occasionally there is Self Defense, Grappling and Stick fighting included in these tournaments.

San Sei Bu Self Defense Systems