Front Patch
Circle: Represents your learning never ends.
3 Japanese Characters: San -  Third
                                                Sei - Generation
                                                            Bu – Warrior (Fighter)
Overall: Third Generation Warrior (Fighter)

The hands in the circle: 

This is our salutation.
Our salutation represents the following:
Respect for all instructors, all fellow students and place of training.
Used as an apology when necessary.

The fist represents Kenpo. 

The opened hand represents Karate.
Overall meaning Kenpo-Karate.
Last but not least and most importantly is your hidden power in self-defense. 
Overall meaning: Don’t show off or use our self-defense unnecessarily.


Back Patch

Eight angles of offense and defense.  Blocker, jammer, runner, direct, indirect, off timing, immobilizing legs and arms and a combination of all.

Students of all degrees, reaching up towards the Professor or Instructor for their knowledge.

Stripes on Tiger
The stripes, represents all degrees of students.
All instructors.

Scales on the dragon
Knowledge of all instructors and their degrees.

Yin and Yang:
Yin – Soft (white)
Yang – Hard (black)

Overall meaning: Natures everlasting balance of forces.

Crest of the very top represents the Founder of San Sei Bu Self Defense Systems.

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San Sei Bu Self Defense Systems